Проект стула для "Promosedia 2005" (International Chair Exhibition)

The chair is made from bent plywood with width 20 mm.

Constructionally the chair consists of only 2 parts. First part is front legs, sitting and back legs. Second part is back legs and back. These parts are connected with the help of four fixing bolts. Plywood is flexible enough and at the same time it can withstand heavy-duty applications, in other words it has rigidity. This property has been used to the maximum simple and plastic construction of chair.

The advantages of “2PARTS”:
- simple construction
- chair is made of only 2 parts
- construction does not need any partitions, blocking and other additional parts
- convenience of form
- good using of materials
- original design
- different color variants, natural colors of wood, from light to dark shadows

As a variant, front part can be light, back part can be dark.

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